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Not all mangoes are created equal. A simple statement but there is so much behind it. So what goes into growing a fresh from Florida tree-ripened mango?

Well, maybe we should start by telling you a little about this special place on the southwest coast of Florida, right next to the Gulf of Mexico.


Back in the early part of the last century, mango growing was catching on in Florida and Pine Island was no exception. Two brothers, Ralph and Cape Bailey, decided to give mango growing a try so they began cultivating mangoes here. After a while, they got so good at it that they even developed their very own special variety called the Bailey's Marvel. The two brothers have long since passed but their legacy remains and amazingly after all these years, that very first Bailey's Marvel tree is still standing and bearing sweet and delicious fruit right here in Gatherings Grove. Drop by and we'll be glad to show you a piece of Pine Island history!



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